Using the Apple keyboard under Linux

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I recently got one of those razor-thin scifi-looking Apple keyboards for my machine at work. In order to make it more like my laptop, I swapped around some of the button mappings and reworked a few of my KDE shortcuts. Here is exactly what I did:

The content of my ~/.Xmodmap file:

clear mod1
keycode 115 = Alt_L
keycode 64 = Meta_L
keycode 116 = Alt_R
keycode 113 = Meta_R
add mod1 = Alt_L Alt_R
add mod4 = Meta_L Meta_R

KDE keyboard mappings for closing and minimizing windows: Kde keyboard shortcuts.png

Baghira KDE window theme (less for aesthetics, more because I wanted the close/minimize/maximize buttons on the left hand side of the titlebar, as that is what I'm used to): Kde style.png

The SwitfTabs extension for Firefox, configured for tab switching and tab closing: Swifttabs.png

TODO: Need to find a good way to make Firefox open a new tab with Command-T rather than Ctrl-T

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