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Anagram Grid

Often times, when trying to solve puzzles, you need to work with anagrams. For those not in the know, this means simply rearranging letters around in a word, phrase, or sentence, such that you spell out a new word, phrase, sentence. Sometimes it means descrambling a jumble of letters to form something of meaning. At any rate, there are many ways to do this. There are a number of websites devoted to automated anagram finding, including the Internet Anagram Server. These online systems work great for smaller messages, but tend to have difficulty with longer messages. Offline methods of working with anagrams include pen-and-paper or Scrabble tiles. Unfortunately, doing things on paper can be tedious and often times Scrabble games do not come with enough tiles for this to be useful with larger messages. That is where this page comes in.

Simply type your letters to be anagramed in to the text field below, and the computer will produce for you a grid of cleanly formatted letters, suitable for cutting out (preferably onto cardstock or thick paper) and shuffling around.

Text to anagram: