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phpBB Chat Highlighting

This is an online tool that eases the process of posting chat logs to phpBB forums or web sites (for instance, embedded in a Wiki or other web page). The process is done in three easy steps:

  1. Paste your log into the text box and click "Load"
  2. Select which nicknames you would like to make bold or colored and what format you would like the output (phpBB or HTML)
  3. Take the final output, with its embedded color codes, and paste it into a new forum message or web page.

At present, there are many different log formats this system will take as input. It has successfully been tested with logs from XChat, XChat-Aqua, and a number of Instant Messaging clients. There are two main requirements for a log to be accepted. First, it should not impose artificial line wraps (that means that lines are not artificially wrapped at 80 characters, but could extend quite far to the right). Second, each line should, more or less, start with a user name. The script is a little bit flexible in that it can recognize if a line starts with a timestamp and ignore it. If you are unsure whether the this will work on your particular logs, your best bet is to try it out, then use phpBB's preview functionality to see if everything worked as expected.

Please paste the chat log you wish to add highlighting to: