Fix the Mac Firefox v2 Drag-To-Toolbar Bug

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One of the things about Firefox 2.0 for the Mac that bugs me (and only the Mac version--the Linux version is not afflicted by this) is that when you attempt to drag and drop a link from the URL bar to the bookmark bar, a tooltip saying "Drag and drop this icon to create a link to this page" pops up that actually gets in the way of being able to drop the link. An article at LifeHacker points out a way to fix the problem--by disabling in about:config, but this pretty much using a tactical nuke to kill a mosquito. It disables ALL tooltips, EVERYWHERE, including the useful ones. I use CookieSafe and Adblock Plus, which have useful tooltips to tell you about the page. Other people use a weather plugin that shows details in a tooltip. Those crafty people who put title= attributes in links are unseen.

I have found a better way, but it involves some shell commands, so isn't for everyone. First quit Firefox and run the following commands.

fibonacci:~ brian$ cd /Applications/
fibonacci:/Applications/ brian$ mkdir tmp
fibonacci:/Applications/ brian$ cd tmp
fibonacci:/Applications/ brian$ unzip -q ../en-US.jar
fibonacci:/Applications/ brian$ vim locale/browser/browser.dtd

You don't have to use vi or vim to edit the file. Any text editor will do. You just have to find this line:

<!ENTITY proxyIcon.tooltip "Drag and drop this icon to create a link to this page">

...and change it to this:

<!ENTITY proxyIcon.tooltip "">

Then follow it up with these commands (to back up the chrome file, then store your changes):

fibonacci:/Applications/ brian$ cp ../en-US.jar ../en-US.jar.BACKUP
fibonacci:/Applications/ brian$ zip -r -0 ../en-US.jar *

And that's it. It works like a charm