Integrating Wordpress with LiveJournal

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Please note that this is all from memory and from copying my current settings. I know that at one point, I made some modifications to the LJ-Crosspost script, but I believe I backed them out and/or overwrote them with a more recent version of the script. If you followed these directions and are still having issues, drop me a line and I'll see if I can help you through.

  • Install Wordpress and ensure that it is working correctly
  • If you use the WP-Cache plugin, temporarily disable it so that you know that you are looking at live data and not just cached data.
  • Download the following plugins:
  • Install the Get Comments Count plugin and make sure that it is working. Load your RSS feeds and see that you are getting comment counts.
  • Install the LiveJournal Crosspost plugin and configure using the following settings:
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Fill in the custom header/footer text with something similar to this:

<small><div align="left"><i>Simulcast from <a href="[permalink]">netninja</a>.</i></div><div align="right"><a href="[comments_link]"><img border=0 src="[post_id]"></a></div></small>

  • Write a test post to make sure that the crosspost is working
  • If you use the WP-Cache plugin, re-enable it