OS X Boot Keys

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Keys to hold down during boot:

  • C - Boot from CD or DVD drive installed in the computer
  • D - Boot from the internal disk drive
  • N - Boot from the network server
  • R - Resets the display on PowerBooks and iBooks to factory settings
  • X - Boot into MacOS X
  • Shift-Option-Command-Delete - Ignore the configured boot device setting and scan for an alternate boot device
  • T - Put the computer into FireWire target mode so it can be used as a hard drive
  • Option - Have Open Firmware run the OS Picker app to choose a disk to boot from
  • Shift - Boot into Safe Mode
  • Command-V - Perform a verbose boot allowing you to see all the BSD output as the system boots
  • Command-S - Perform a boot into single user to peform some sort of system maintenance
  • Option-Command-O-F Access Open Firmware directly without booting into an operating system
  • Option-Command-P-R - Reset Open Firmware’s NVRAM, also known as "zapping" the PRAM
  • Hold down mouse button - Eject any media, such as a CD, in the system’s removable drive

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