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Database Diagram



See also: UFRL_Database

  • PHPBB Tables:
    • users
    • user_groups
    • groups
    • auth (needed?)
  • Our extended tables:
    • ufrl_admin_groups: shows which phpbb groups are considered admin and donor
  • Our Tables:
    • ufrl_urls: map id to URL
    • ufrl_url_groups: id to group (edoc, pxc, uf, etc)
    • ufrl_short_urls: URL id with text string (optional link to url_group)
    • ufrl_sessions: maps cookie to user ID


  • the actual redirector
  • login screen
  • create page
  • browse/search page
  • admin URLs page
  • admin groups page
  • admin reporting/logging/abuse? page
  • prefs page
  • about page
  • RSS (global? by grouping?)

PHP Classes

needs more work/thought

  • User
    • Entirely read-only. No table writes (except for session cookies.)
    • Static: Retrieve by name
    • Static: Retrieve by name+password
    • Static: Retrieve by cookie (also updates last access in session table)
    • Fields for name, homepage, isAdmin, isDonor
    • Create/add cookie for user
    • Clear all cookies for user
  • URLs
    • Retrieve by (optional) group string and name
    • ...
  • Maintenance
    • Clear all session entries from table with access date older than ___
    • ...
  • Security
    • PHP Safe mode
    • PHP Magic quotes
    • Scrub html entities from input
    • Verify that URLs are actual URLs (not javascript:// or XSS)
    • Scrub data to be inserted into database (SQL injection)
    • Log bad login attempts (both via user+pass and by cookie)?
    • ...